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Orders from 6th Jan.

Hello everyone,

just a quick update on orders placed on the 6th January. As some of you may already know my little dog Mo had a horrible accident a couple of weeks ago which ended up with him needing emergency surgery on his back.

I popped a post on social media asking if anyone was thinking about ordering from me then could they do so now as the vet bill was astronomical to say the least. I was only half joking but was overwhelmed with orders from loads of lovely people who wanted to help. This was so amazing and I’m thankful to everyone of you.

it has has however created a bit of a backlog . I had as many orders in 1 day as I usually do in two weeks, everything is being made to order so things are being shipped later than they would usually be. I need more arms, like an octopus!! if you’re needing your order for a particular date just drop me a message and I’ll prioritise it.

Thank you ❤️

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